Amico Infrastructures


Amico Infrastructures is a full-service, vertically integrated builder that brings enormous flexibility and agility to every project, backed by consistent timely and highly responsive services. Over the company’s history, they have committed themselves to a broad spectrum of community-building projects totalling over $3 billion. Amico’s broad experience combined with an established culture of innovation has cemented the builder as an extremely capable and dependable development partner.

Amico employs the concept of Adaptive Synergies to add value to every project. This ingrained company DNA has fostered a successful culture of intellectual flexibility and a willingness to explore new approaches to difficult problems. A heightened level of adaptiveness is central to everything the company offers, a trait that is valued dearly by the clients and organizations Amico partners with.

The Amico 2030 pledge has outlined the company’s strategic map for the road ahead. This entails planning communities that are ready for Industry 4.0, which entails bringing digital and physical infrastructures together to accommodate autonomous vehicles. Amico 2030 also means improving construction safety and production through the use of AI, 3D scanning and printing, and drone technology. This is the foundation upon which tomorrow’s world will be built; Amico is getting ready for that tomorrow, today.

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